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David Musgrave

Winthrop Development Consultants
Managing Director
Perth, Western Australia
David Musgrave is Managing Director of his own development and consulting business. Based in the suburb of Winthrop in Perth, Western Australia, Winthrop Development Consultants offers a range of Microsoft Dynamics GP add-on products as well as development, consulting and training services to the ISVs, partners and customers of the Microsoft Dynamics GP community.

David is known for his many products including GP Power Tools (previously the Support Debugging Tool), Visual Studio Integration Toolkit (previously Menus for Visual Studio Tools) and the Batch Posting Service Toolkit.

David has presented many popular sessions at customer and partner conferences and delivered training around the world. He is active in the Microsoft Dynamics GP community and has contributed to the partner, community and user group forums as well as his Developing for Dynamics GP and Winthrop Development Consultants blogs. He has been recognized with both Microsoft MVP and GPUG All Star status.
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